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The Ultimate Guide to an Amazing Twitter Profile

Twitter is more than just a platform for following and reading tweets as they come through a feed. It is also another channel for the world to discover you. Like a second website if you will.

Your Twitter profile is a place to display to the world what you do, what you value, what you know, and what you can provide.

Profile pages are landing pages where users go to gather information about you, contact you for customer service questions, and get to know your brand.

In this post we will go over the elements of a successful Twitter profile and detail some of the best Twitter profile examples.

Your Twitter profile page is of the utmost importance to your success on Twitter. Right or wrong…you will be immediately judged when someone first visits your Twitter profile. Your Twitter profile will be scrutinized as users determine whether or not to follow you back. People typically decide in a manner of seconds whether to follow back or ignore.

It is essential that you optimize your Twitter profile page to best highlight your uniqueness, value proposition, and authority to connect with potential new leads.

The @ThoughtFlame Twitter profile

The Elements of the Twitter Profile

There are multiple ways that you can personalize your Twitter profile. Some require more work than others, but they are all important in showcasing unique attributes about your or your brand.

Twitter Header Image

The giant Twitter picture on the top of the page is your Twitter header. What Twitter wants is a 1500 pixel x 500 pixel image that is either a PNG, JPG, or GIF file.

Profile/Avatar Image

Your Twitter avatar image should be a 400 pixel x 400 pixel image. This Twitter image shows on the profile page sidebar and next to tweets in the feed.


This is a 140-character blurb about you, who you are, and what you do.


Twitter provides a 30-character location description field.


Website link that shows below bio. This is the place to include a link to your main URL or a special link for your Twitter fans.

Theme Color

This is the highlight color that shades hyperlinks. You should use a shade that matches your brand colors.

Pinned tweet of @MandyModGirl

Pinned Tweet

Tweet that remains at the top your stream. This is an effective way to showcase something especially interesting, impressive, or amazing.

A Compelling Twitter Header Image

Before you start designing, take some time to consider how you want to use your header image. If you have a hard time determining a direction, ask some questions:

What personality do I want to display?

  • How do I want people to feel when they see my header image?
  • Do I have anything I want to promote?
  • Is there a message or quote that I find interesting or inspiring?
  • What is the most important brand story I want to tell my audience?

Then consider which type of Twitter header image will help you accomplish your goals.

  • Traditional Branding Image: reinforces your branding by sharing a tagline or motto
  • Logo: shows a larger, interesting, or unique view of your logo
  • Quote: shares a message that aligns with your brand values or goals
  • Product: shows a product (and highlights a specific feature or benefit)
  • Promotion/Contest: shares information about a current promotion or contest
  • Lifestyle/Expressive Image: reinforces your values through an image or graphic that is not branded but matches your company culture
  • Team/Culture: shows an inside look at the company or its people
  • Personality: shows your unique attitude, hobby, or perspective with an image that is not a standard headshot (good for those that want to showcase their personality)

Once you figure out the direction you want to go with your header image, you can begin to design.

How To Design Your Twitter Header Image

When designing this Twitter image, remember:

  • Images should be at 1500 pixels (width) x 500 pixels (height).
  • Text needs to be large & clear enough to be legible on both mobile and desktops.
  • Don’t add important information too close to the sides or top as it could get cropped out.
  • Keep in mind that Twitter will do compression when you upload your image. So don’t compress it like you would typically for an image posted online.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a beautiful image. There are many programs that make it easy to create a Twitter header.

  • Create a complete Twitter header with Canva. This program includes templates that you can customize.
  • You can use something like Picmonkey to add design elements to your image. If you already have an image, you can add text, icons, and filters using tools such as these.
  • For the ultimate easy solution you can get an image using Twitrcovers. Twitrcovers offers a collection of images that are easy to upload to your page.
  • If you do not have the budget for your own photos, a resource for gorgeous free images is Unsplash.

Twitter Avatar Guidance

Your Twitter avatar is probably the most important image for your Twitter success. It should be effective and good quality.

  • Be careful with the new rounded Twitter styling to ensure that edges are not cut off.
  • Brands typically use their logos, but it is not a requirement — you can try something different as an experiment.
  • In our testing, we have found that human faces are the most effective for higher Twitter follow back performance.

An Optimized Twitter Bio

A Twitter bio is essentially an elevator pitch that must be condensed into 160 characters or less.

Famous people or brands can get cute with their bio as most know who they are already. For the rest of us…do make it clear what you do, who you are, and use keywords that people are searching for. This will help you show up in relevant Twitter search results.

So start with your general pitch and condense it using these tips:

Use Keywords Aimed at Your Target Audience

Use keywords from your industry that highlight you as a leading professional and/or expert in that field. Do keyword research to see which words those in your industry are searching for.

Avoid Buzzwords

Use phrases and words that help identify your skills, background, and services, but don’t overuse buzzwords that make you blend into the noise.

Cut Out Useless Words

You want to maximize the real estate of your bio so don’t include words that unnecessarily take up space. Try these tips for concise writing.

Deliver a Value Proposition

Readers want to know what is in it for them so explain why you are important and how you can help.


Look at Your Competitors

It is always a good idea to see how your competitors are approaching this. So take a look at their bios, but remember not to copy their style or wording.

Consider Adding a Second URL or Twitter Handle

The Twitter profile page has a section for a web URL, but you can add a second one to your actual profile bio when it makes sense.
Another strategy is to include mentions of other Twitter handles when appropriate. These create links to make those accounts more discoverable.

Make Full Use of Your Location Field

It’s good to include your specific location even if you work worldwide, as it helps personalize your brand . Also it will allow you to show up in location specific searches. Put in multiple cities if it makes sense for your situation.

Pin a Tweet at the Top

You can now “pin a Tweet” to your Twitter profile page which means that you can select a post to sit at the top of your page for as long as you wish.

Always use a pinned Tweet to highlight a post that is information-heavy, highlights a promotion, and/or has had a high rate or engagement. This is a good way to add fuel to a tweet that is extra special or proven to be resonating with your audience.

Be careful to not get lazy with your pinned tweet. I often see accounts with pinned tweets from last year.

This can appear at first glance that the Twitter account is abandoned or not up to dateThis is obviously not the impression you want to create.

Twitter Profile Pages That Get Things Right

For your consideration & inspiration, consider these Twitter profile examples to see how some of the best do it:


Crowd Surf make use of consistent coloring with both the header and avatar. The header image makes it obvious that they are a marketing firm for performing artists.

I like the use of the bio field to indicate they have offices in all of the music & entertainment business hotspots.


This Twitter profile certainly indicates that Chris Curran knows his audio equipment! A simple but effective way to establish his know-how in the podcast engineering space.


Infusionsoft has a custom header graphic that displays what the company does visually. Special bonus points if the people featured here are actually Infusionsoft customers! The colors are on brand with a good use of their bio with two extra calls to action featured within.


Marsden Marketing conveys in their header image that they help focus your marketing and move your business forward. This is clear visual communication.


Sometimes adding a custom design in the header allows for some extra branding opportunities. It helps to do this with a delicate touch keeping things clean, simple, and professional. Mandy Edwards shows a nice example of this.


RocketDog has an effective use of color while demonstrating their retro sci-fi branding. They also make use of the bio field to indicate that they have several offerings for their clients.


I love this stunning header image. It is interesting, obviously on brand, and even features a product that you can buy at Target. Also notice how they reference another Twitter account within the bio for anyone needing customer service.
The Ultimate Guide to an Amazing Twitter Profile -- Target


This Los Angeles tech community does a great job showing personality while humanizing their brand. They also manage to fit in a few custom hashtags within the bio.

Other Twitter Profile Considerations


Don’t forget about your mobile profile page. Make sure it looks attractive on a cell phone as well.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 86% of Twitter users use the platform on mobile devices rather than desktops. This is an important thing to keep in mind when creating images for your site, as they will appear much smaller on mobile screens than on desktops.

Don’t Forget to Keep It Fresh

When it comes to your Twitter profile page, don’t set it and forget it. Keeping your page fresh and relevant is important and Unbounce suggests revisiting and revising your page once every three months.

As with most social media platforms, Twitter is constantly evolving and updating its profile page structure. So continue to follow for updates so that your page is always on the forefront of new design elements and styles.


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