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10 Ways to Grow Your SaaS Business with Customer Success

Customer Success isn’t just a way to retain clients – it’s the most potent way to grow your SaaS business. Here are ten Customer Success techniques you can use to spend less on marketing, make more money on sales, and keep your clients happy in the process.

1) Forget the new clients – current clients are gold

New clients are expensive! Their buyers’ journeys are long and paved with your company’s dollar bills.

Current customers, on the other hand, become more cost-efficient with each subscription cycle, reducing churn and raising profit margins. It’s not only about renewals though – current clients are more likely to purchase additional services and upgrades.

2) Make every customer a good customer

There will always be pain-in-the-neck clients, but you have the power to make each one of your customers a “good” customer. At least by Lincoln Murphy’s definition: “Good customers are those that continually realize value from your product.”

To achieve this, you’ll need a combo of accurate targeting and customer success to bring the right clients to you and keep them happy.

3) You care, they share – it’s karma in action

When you take action to help your customers be successful with your product, they’ll want more of your products. They’ll also want to tell their friends and business associates about your products.

They’ll not only share your useful eBooks and blog posts and social media interactions, but will also become your evangelists, saving you money on marketing. Grow Your SaaS Business with Customer Success : crazy fans

4) Give them something to talk about

People talk about outstanding experiences. They talk about appreciation. They talk about what’s unexpectedly good – or bad. Give your customers something (positive) to talk about and create a marketing campaign around it that they can share.

5) Leverage happiness

Brand advocates can be growth-generating machines – if you treat them as resources waiting to be tapped. Ask your happy clients to leave reviews for you on public forums and send you great testimonials.

That way you have a steady stream of positive social proof, which can bring in yet more customers. Grow Your SaaS Business with Customer Success : thank you note

6) Reward your fans

Appreciation from your customers can boost your business. On the flip side, appreciating your customers for their appreciation can increase growth exponentially.

More SaaS companies are showing their appreciation towards their most engaged users through hand-written notes, stickers, apparel, or even just social media shout-outs. Be creative, have fun, but most of all – be appreciative.

7) For engaged customers, you must engage first

If you want customers to post comments on your social media, follow your blog, share your posts and offers, and engage with your brand on all platforms – not to mention responding helpfully to your surveys – you have to engage with them first.

Too many companies stop at merely posting into the void and expect customers to leave comments. To successfully build a community around your business, you have to engage with them first and continue to dialogue meaningfully. Start thinking of ways to blend your Customer Success team with your social media team. Grow Your SaaS Business with Customer Success : members only

8) Make membership meaningful

Embrace your customers as members of your tribe by giving them exclusive benefits, like exclusive content, community, tools, expert-lead webinars, meetups, and other perks.

You might find that people will pay for your service even when they don’t need it, because they love everything else that you do. At the very least, it’ll give them more reasons to stick around and tell their friends about you.

9) Be everywhere they want to be

Like Visa, you can be everywhere your clients want to be too. See if you can set up partnerships with your clients’ most-used tools so they have no choice but to continue using your product.
Salesforce and Xero are two shining examples of SaaS businesses that rock their partnerships (and make their partners indispensable in the process).

10) Exit surveys

If, after all of this, customers still want to leave – you had better ask them why! But don’t just say it like a whiney ex “Why are you leaving meeeeee?!!!!

Give them a short form that lets them know their feedback is valued and will be used to make your service better. And absolutely include a field they can write in, because if you were capable of thinking of everything, they wouldn’t be leaving.

How are you using Customer Success to expand your business? Tell me on Twitter @NikkiElizDemere.


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