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ThoughtFlame: Delivers Inspirational Tweets for You

Building up your audience on Twitter is important, but another big issue is putting out quality content.
We created a powerful system that we use on our own accounts in-house.
We call it ThoughtFlameTM
ThoughtFlame delivers quality content on our Twitter feed automatically. With no work needed from you.


Inspire Your Audience

ThoughtFlame tweets out inspirational and motivational quotes helping you inspire your audience.
The tweets are great quotes about entrepreneurship, leadership, motivation, inspiration, and wisdom. They are hand-curated and accompanied with gorgeous custom imagery — and go out automatically.
What is funny is that these tweets often are our MOST POPULAR tweets too! They typically generate a large amount of retweets and favorites.
Oh and ThoughtFlame can do retweets also!
Here are some Twitter accounts that currently use the service — view real live examples:

ThoughtFlame is available to current TribeBoost clients at a special discount. Just contact us to add ThoughtFlame to your account or ask about the extra cost.

Learn More about ThoughtFlame

Please visit for more detailed information on the service.