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10 Easy Growth Hacks and How to Apply Them

You don’t have to be a mega-brand or giant corporation to implement habits to grow your business. Add these simple, affordable hacks to your marketing plans to grow your customers’ base, sales, and business.

1.Optimize Your Business For Local Listings

For many small businesses, connecting to a local consumer base is vital to growth. One way to increase visibility among local consumers is optimizing your local SEO so that nearby consumers can find your business in search.
One way to increase your local SEO performance is adding your business to online directories such as:

Thanks to Moz Local, you can check to see how your business is showing on directories or pass the management over to them. Moz offers a paid service where they will set up and maintain your local listings.

2. Create Buyer Personas

To grow your business and increase your sales, you need to have a strong grip on who you customers are and how they think. One simple way to get to know your customers is creating buyer personas.
A buyer persona is a fictional character you create to help visualize your target customer. They are created by detailing information about demographics, goals, challenges, interests, and hobbies.
Buyer personas are important because they bring your target customer to life and help you see the journey they go through when deciding to buy your product or service. Once you understand that journey, you can shape your marketing efforts around strategies that specifically target that persona.
Consider your buyer personas as you go through the rest of this list and set up strategies to target one or more of your specific personas.
SOURCE: http://knowledge.hubspot.com/contacts-user-guide/how-to-create-personas

3. Collect Email Addresses

Grow your business by growing your email list. Collecting email addresses helps you stay in touch with your customers and collect feedback.
And, it is a major way to push potential customers through to the next phases of the sales funnel. So don’t wait. Set up a few simple ways to collect email address.

  • Give away something free (in return for an email address)
  • Add subscribe forms to your website (through pop-ups or in side bars)
  • Require account registration
  • Ask when consumers checks out (in-person or online)
  • Add a sign-up page to your Facebook page

An email list can be extremely valuable so don’t wait to start building. Use Constant Contact’s “60 Ways to Grow Your Email List” to help you get started.

4. Grow Your Social Media Communities

Growing your social communities, like growing your email list, is an important way to develop your business.
When you have a community of targeted users, you will see a higher engagement rate when you share your promotions, content, products, ideas, and services. So grow a community of relevant followers through social sites like Twitter and Instagram.
Twitter is great for lead development and studies have shown that your followers are much more likely to buy from you.
Users tend to follow back when a brand or business aligned with their interests follows them. So, follow users that seem interested in your industry (based on demographics, bio information, previous social posts, etc.).
Or save yourself time and let TribeBoost grow your following for you. We find users who would be interested in your business and follow them, growing your list every day along the way.

5. Host a Webinar

Grow your customer acquisition by putting on a webinar that helps your customers solve a problem related to your industry.
When you host a webinar where you show off knowledge about your industry, you build trust with potential clients, build authority for your business, and create a fan base. Invite a guest or host on your own using the popular platform GoToWebinar.

6. Run a Contest or Giveaway

Contests are a good way to spread awareness about your business and grow your list of valuable leads.
To get the most out of your giveaways, only run contests with prizes that your target audience — and only your target audience — will find extremely valuable.
If you sell bicycles, don’t run a contest to give away a MacBook. By giving away prizes that many people want, you are not focusing on your specific target audience. (Remember the buyer personas.)
Instead, give away a bicycle helmet, bike rack, or bike. That way, you know you are collecting information from people specifically interested in biking — making your lead list much more valuable. Popular software for creating quality contests includes KingSumo, Gleam, and Contest Domination.

7. Create a Quiz

People like to share content that is personalized, so expand your reach on social media by creating personality quizzes. Use PlayBuzz to create quizzes that are optimized for easy sharing on Facebook and Twitter.
Play Buzz Oreo
Users participate in quizzes to have fun so don’t go overboard on branding or sales tactics within your quiz. Keep it light and fun and watch the visibility of your business grow.
SOURCE: http://blog.hubspot.com/insiders/how-to-create-a-quiz

8. Create a Referral Program

Use your existing client base to grow your new client base. Create a referral program that rewards both the existing client and new client. When setting up your referral programs, Referral SaaSquatch recommends keeping a few things in mind.

  • Put you referral program where your customers can see it. Make sure to spread awareness of the program.
  • Make it as easy as possible to participate for both existing and new customers.
  • Create more than one reward and offer it to customers based on their behaviors and needs. (Connect it to a buyer persona.)

9. Utilize Retargeting

Don’t lose customers that leave your site. Use a retargeting software to bring potential customers back to your business.
Retargeting software recognizes a user who visits your site and then prompts an ad for your business to show to the same user later.
This helps you recapture the attention of a potential customer who already showed interest in your business, and it’s not as difficult as it sounds. You don’t need a tech team to implement retargeting. It’s as easy as:

  1. Signing up for a retargeting service like Adroll
  2. Adding code to your website (as easy as setting up Google Analytics)
  3. Choose the type of audience you want to target
  4. Creating an ad you want your audience to see

10. Measure Your Success

When you take steps to grow your business, always document your efforts and track your results. Marketing tactics that work for one company may not work for yours, and vice versa. So track your campaigns to discover what works and what doesn’t so you know how to move forward with the strategies that product results and grow your business.
And let us know on Twitter which one of these growth hacks produce the most growth in your business!

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