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How Growing Your Twitter Following Increases Your Revenue

I recently noticed this email message sent out by a TribeBoost client:
“Just in the last 28 days we’ve had:

  • 251K Tweet Impressions
  • 4,949 Profile Visits
  • 396 Mentions
  • 1,801 New Followers”

This is awesome. But I haven’t even got to the best part of their email.
All that activity brings us several thousand dollars in new accounts every month.”

Several thousand dollars in new accounts every month. All from Twitter.

This client, who has over 25,000 followers, is an example of a business effectively using their Twitter community to generate leads and drive sales. They are proof that Twitter can and will increase revenue for a business.

But that isn’t to say that just setting up a Twitter account is going to automatically grow a business’s bank account.

If you want to grow your Twitter audience to produce the sort of result achieved by this business, you need to set up a strategic Twitter marketing effort focused on an important piece of the puzzle — building your list of targeted Twitter followers.

What Are Targeted Twitter Followers?

Targeted Twitter followers are individuals or other brands or businesses that:

  • are interested, related or involved with your industry
  • engage in conversations about your industry
  • are interested in your products or services
  • are interested in products or services that are complementary to yours
  • have engaged with a competitor of your brand or business
  • have engaged with or mentioned your brand or business
  • have the potential to be a client or customer of your business

When it comes to growing your audience, you only want to focus on attracting targeted followers as they are far more valuable than general followers.

Why Are Targeted Followers So Valuable?

Your Twitter following is only as good as the percentage of targeted followers that are on your list.

If you have 10,000 followers but only 100 of them are targeted, your list is only as good as those 100 people.

That’s because general followers aren’t as likely to be interested in your products, services, or messages. They aren’t as likely to become customers, and they aren’t likely to grow your business or revenue.

Targeted followers are far more likely to become customers than random followers

This is the primary reason that growing your list to include targeted followers is so important. But there are even more benefits to a targeted Twitter list.

Target followers amplify your content

A targeted audience is more likely to be interested in the content you share. Therefore, they are more like to enjoy and spread your content through retweets and shares.

Targeted followers engage with your content

They are also more likely to engage with your content, mention your brand, and comment on your posts.

Targeted followers attract even more targeted followers

Twitter is a platform for connecting like-minded people. It’s likely that your targeted followers are connected to even more of your targeted followers. So, when your followers share your content or mention your brand, they are connecting you with that like-minded audience and making introductions for you.

Targeted followers may want to team up with you

Twitter isn’t just a way to connect with potential clients and customers. It is a way to connect with partners who may want to team up to create a mutually beneficial partnership.

As you can see, a targeted audience is the main driver in using your Twitter account to increase revenue. So you to generate sales through Twitter, you must focus on building a community of targeted followers.

My personal Twitter analytics for the past 28 days.

How to Build a Community of Targeted Followers

Before we talk about how to grow your community, let’s look the number one way not to grow your list.

Do Not Buy (Fake) Followers

The worst way to grow your following is to hire a company to “Get You [X Number] of Followers.”

First of all, these aren’t targeted followers so you don’t want them on your list.

Second, these “get followers quick” schemes are just that — schemes. They usually produce instant results and boost your number of followers, only to then quickly disappear as fast as they appeared. That’s because they aren’t real followers; they are fake accounts and Twitter is getting better every day at finding and removing bot accounts.

Don’t waste your money or energy. Instead, use ethical and organic ways to grow your followers.

  • Get involved with conversations using hashtags related to your industry.
  • Mention other users related to your business or industry in your Tweets.
  • Engage with users who follow your competitors.

And most importantly — directly follow users you have identified as targeted followers

When a user is interested in your industry or niche, they are extremely likely to follow you back once you have followed them, making this the most effective way to grow your list of targeted followers.

How to Put Your List Growth on Autopilot

Your strategy for growing your list must include searching for users that meet the criteria of a targeted follower and following them.

You can manually seek out targets by searching through their bios, reading their Tweets, and discovering their interests. Then you can follow those targets one at a time.

Or you can put the process on autopilot

TribeBoost uses algorithms that analyze Twitter traffic and find people that are targeted to your business or industry. Then we followers those users — taking all of the work out of your hands all while growing your audience and potential for additional revenue.

Why You Should Put Your List Growth on Autopilot

Growing your list of targeted Twitter followers may be the biggest piece of the puzzle when it comes to generating revenue from your Twitter list. But it still just one piece of the puzzle.

To manage a revenue-generating Twitter account, you also need to:

  • Post Great Content
  • Share Great Content
  • Engage with Your Community
  • Quickly Respond to Questions and Mentions
  • Help Others in your Niche

When you put your list building on autopilot, you remove the most time-consuming part of the puzzle and give yourself time for you to focus on those other important steps.

While TribeBoost does all the work behind the scenes, you can focus on being the useful, personable face of your Twitter presence, engaging and converting your growing audience in the ways that only you can.

One of our clients is bringing in thousand dollars of additional revenue using this strategy to grow their Twitter list each month.

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