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Twitter Retargeting: The Ultimate Guide

You may not have even thought of Twitter retargeting. When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook leads the way. But Twitter retargeting can also be a very effective strategy.

Twitter announced another major upgrade to their advertising options — retargeting features.

What Is Retargeting?

Social media advertising is powerful because it allows advertisers to target users based on very specific data such as location, interests, and demographics.

Retargeting takes this one step further. It allows advertisers to target people who have visited their website.

If you are unfamiliar with retargeting, you have probably experienced it and maybe even attributed it to a weird coincidence.

In that case, you may have visited a website and then a few days later saw an ad for that company or the exact product you viewed in your Facebook news feed or on a banner ad on a different site.

It’s not a coincidence; it’s marketing and retargeting at work.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Retargeting on Twitter allows advertisers to collect data from the users who visit their website. The technology uses cookies and code that connects the website to another third-party platform, like Twitter.

When a user visits a website that has integrated Twitter retargeting, a signal is sent to Twitter. The signal then prompts Twitter to show ads related to the website to the user who recently visited the site.

Retargeting prompts an advertising action based on user action. This is a form of behavioral advertising is an effective way to advertise, especially through social media.

Why You Should Set Up Retargeting

Twitter retargeting is powerful because it allows advertisers to target a highly engaged audience — people who have already visited their website and showed interest in their brand, products, or services.

Retargeting on Twitter advertises to a warm lead, which can increase user engagement, reinforce brand recognition, and create a higher ROI.

A variety of platforms make retargeting possible but now, now you can set up retargeting through Twitter. And if you use Twitter advertising, you should consider utilizing this new tool.

What To Do Before You Set up a Twitter Retargeting Campaign

As you set up your retargeting campaign, you will need to make a few decisions about your campaign settings. So before you get started, take some time to plan your campaign.

Define Your Goals — What is the main goal of your campaign? Twitter will prompt you to select a goal such as:

  • Increase site visits
  • Generate a purchase
  • Generate a download
  • Increase number of sign ups

There is also a custom option if you want to be more specific about your goals. But for your first couple of campaigns, it might be better to keep it simple.

Define Your Audience — Once you identify the goal, you can define the audience you want to target for the campaign. Describe the person who you want to take the action. Having a solid idea about your audience will help as you create your ad content and define your audience.

Prepare for the Technical Stuff — Once you set up a website tag, Twitter will generate a code that needs to be installed in the backend of your website. Twitter provides directions for how to set up your tracking code.
Twitter Retargeting: Create new Twitter Ad campaign

How to Set Up a Twitter Retargeting Tag

Before you set up a campaign, set up your targeting tag.
1.Go to Twitter Ads. This process will generate the code that will need to be added to your website. Go to > Tools > Conversion Tracking.
2. Create a website tag. Name the tag, select the conversion you want to track, and check the box to “Create a tailored audience.”
Selecting the conversion you want to track will help Twitter collect data to help you measure the results of your campaign.

By checking the box to create a tailored audience, you are telling Twitter to monitor who visits your website and create a custom audience of those users.

Twitter will create a tailored audience of people who have visited your site. Once Twitter has collected enough data, you can deliver ads to that audience.

You can also adjust additional conversion settings that relate to timeframes or you can leave the default options as is.

3. Add the code to your site. At this point, Twitter will generate the code that needs to be added before the closing HTML </body> tag of your website.

Once you add this to your site, Twitter will be able to collect conversion and audience data from your website.
Twitter Retargeting: Pick a Tweet to Use in Your Ad

How to Set Up Retargeting Campaign on Twitter

Once your code is set up, you can set up your campaign:

1. Set up a campaign. Go to > Campaigns > Create New Campaign > Website Clicks or Conversions. On the next page, give your campaign a descriptive name, set the run dates, and select the conversion tag you set up in prior steps.
2. Build the creative. Set up the Twitter Card that will serve as the creative for your ad. Or you can use past tweets. Think about your defined audience and create something that speaks directly to them and their needs.
3. Set the targeting options. In this section, you can define the audience that you want your ad to target and where you want your ad to show.

If you added a retargeting code to your website and it has collected enough data, you can add your tailored audience.

You can also tell Twitter to show your ad to people who have visited your site and people who are similar to them. By selecting the “expand research by targeting similar users,” you expand your reach by telling

Twitter to display your ad to others who are likely to be interested in your brand, product, or services.

If you haven’t had your code installed long enough to build a tailored audience, you can identify the specific users you want to target. Twitter will show you how big your audience size will be based on your settings.

4. Set your budget. Set the total amount of money you would like to spend each day of your Twitter ad campaign. You can also set a total amount for the campaign to ensure that your ad turns off after a set amount of money has been spent.

Pulling It All Together

Twitter’s new retargeting tools can help you maximize your advertising efforts. You can now target a very specific audience and better measure your results.

To get the best results with Twitter retargeting, install a tracking code and set up a campaign to a highly targeted, defined audience.

Once you send traffic to your site, connect with those users again by setting up a campaign to advertise to them in the next 15-30 days.

Then watch your engagement and Twitter advertising ROI begin to grow.


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