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You Need More Twitter Followers and Here is Why

If you tell someone you know how they can grow their Twitter followers, there is a 90% chance they will reply:

So what? The point is not more followers.

They will usually scoff. It’s amazing how mean people get about this too. They seem to think that you’re trying to scam them, which isn’t surprising, considering how many people there are sending those obnoxious “BUY 500 REAL FOLLOWERS NOW” messages. Those messages are usually advertising fake followers anyway, even if they say real.

But I’m not talking about simply growing numbers.

Even if I was, isn’t there an advantage there?

Here are some measurable benefits to having a larger number of Twitter followers:

1.) The Celebrity Effect: People like popular things. More people will follow you if you have more followers.

2.) SEO benefit: despite what people keep saying, I haven’t seen a single piece of good evidence that more Twitter followers lowers your search rankings. While the positive impact of Twitter followers on search rankings may be significantly less than Google+ or even Facebook — there is likely still a benefit.

Google cannot measure whether your followers are fake or real in any substantive sense, and all evidence proposed that they can only sites a single website’s rankings. That is simply not enough data.

That’s Lesson #1: A larger number of followers is beneficial. Period.

Lesson #2: How cool would it be if those followers were all targeted? Answer: REALLY COOL.

I’m not stupid. When I tell someone “Hey, I can grow your Twitter followers and it’s really helpful for your digital marketing efforts” I don’t expect them to get excited by the idea of buying a bunch of followers.

I expect them to get excited by the idea of having 10,000 REAL, TARGETED Twitter followers.

Because it’s amazing.

Last year, I was at 3400 real, targeted Twitter followers. Now I have over 19,000. How do I know they’re targeted? Here is a word cloud of the most common words in my followers’ Twitter bios:

Courtesy of Followerwonk by Moz

Here are all the awesome things I get because I have more targeted Twitter followers:

  • Over 15% of my followers have more than 5000 followers themselves.
  • 15-40 mentions every day.
  • Hundreds of favorites and retweets every day.
  • Usually 5-20 clicks on any single, well-written tweet.
  • I’m on over 550 Twitter Lists of other users.
  • And the joy of showing off:

Also courtesy of Followerwonk by Moz

This is a competitor of mine in the Seattle area. He has 37000+ followers. Notice the new followers per day and engagement rate (which is what percentage of our Tweets get an interaction of some kind).

I have run Twitter follower growth campaigns for over 25 Twitter accounts, and the effect has been unanimously beneficial.

In my opinion, growing your targeted Twitter followers is the single most cost-effective digital marketing tactic.

Especially for SMBs, entrepreneurs, influencers, executives, reporters, business development professionals, recruiters, thought leaders, etc…

Oh, and I use TribeBoost, which is why I am blogging about this here.

Sometimes people say…

“Can’t I just use Twitter ads?”

Sure! If you want to pay an arm and a leg… and a kidney. A Twitter follower via Twitter ads will cost somewhere between $0.40 (if you’re lucky) and $1.50.

So if we compare at $120/mo (the cost of TribeBoost for 1 account):

  • Twitter ads: $0.40 to $1.50 for 80 to 300 followers
  • TribeBoost: $0.12 to $0.40 for 300 to 1000 followers (or more in many cases)

Hit me up on Twitter at @evanpdunn and we can talk more about the benefits of targeted Twitter followers.

Cover photo via emdot


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